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Laser Hair Removal 101….

Drop the razor, it’s time for laser! Are you tired of constant shaving, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs? If so, it may be time for laser hair removal! It’s important to note that laser hair removal is permanent hair reduction, not permanent hair removal. At Miami Beach Laser & Aesthetics, we use the Cutera® excel HR™ technology for hair removal. The excel HR™ combines the Alexandrite and Yag wavelengths, making it safe and effective for all skin types. Laser hair removal works by destroying the root of the hair follicle. The excel HR™ is designed to cool and soothe the area being treated. During the treatment, pulses of light are distributed over the skin and absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle. For this reason, the hair being treated must be dark in color.

Patients often describe the treatment as a mild pinching or stinging sensation. The built in cooling tip helps with any discomfort. Now that you understand how the laser works, lets go over before and after treatment options and how many treatments will be needed.

On average, we have found people need 6 treatments. For this reason, we offer packages of 6 (buy 5, get 1 free). It is possible to need more than 6 treatments. In order to achieve optimal results, it is very important to stay on top of your treatments by scheduling appointments every 8-10 weeks. You must avoid waxing and plucking for 4-6 weeks prior to treatment. Be sure to stay out of the sun in the days leading up to the appointment and in the days following. After each treatment, you will notice that shaving will not need to be done as often. You will notice hair shedding over the weeks following treatment. Do not wax or pluck the area between treatments, only shave. By the end of your sessions, you will be hair-free and carefree!

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