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Biostimulatory Fillers

Procedure Time

45 minutes

Recovery Time

Up to 1 week

Number of treatments recommended

Once every 6 weeks for up to 3 sessions and then once every 12-24 months


Topical numbing cream

Biostimulators are compounds that are injected into the deep layer of the skin called the dermis. Unlike hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, which simply inject volume and plump the skin, biostimulators work by stimulating new tissue growth, targeting deeper signs of aging like declining bone mass, skin sagging, and less elasticity. Biostimulatory Fillers are injected close to the bone, stimulating tissue regeneration. Their primary purpose is to stimulate the growth of your own collagen for longer-lasting fullness. Due to the increase in collagen production, biostimulatory fillers can provide a long-lasting result (18-24 months), without the need to repeat the treatment as frequently as with HA (hyaluronic acid) fillers. 

Hyperdilute Radiesse as a Biostimulatory Filler

Radiesse acts as a biostimulatory filler. When Radiesse, an injectable dermal filler consisting of calcium hydroxyapatite, is blended with saline, and injected into areas of volume loss, it can stimulate collagen production. It can be used on the arms, legs, hands, neck, chest, abdomen, and buttocks. The benefit of diluting Radiesse is to make it easily spreadable for optimal production of collagen and elastin, resulting in tighter, thicker skin, reduced wrinkles, and improved texture and tone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Biostimulatory Fillers different than Hyaluronic Acid Fillers?

Hyaluronic acid fillers are used to plump up skin or mask volume loss, while biostimulatory fillers target deeper signs of aging like declining bone mass, skin sagging, and less elasticity. 

Who are Biostimulatory Fillers best for?

Biostimulatory fillers are ideal for patients with more extreme or extensive volume loss, as well as for those who need revolumization in the body, as well as the face. 

When can I expect to see results from Biostimulatory Fillers?

Don’t expect to see the full result right away. They give an immediate, short-term plumping due to the simple fact that something is being injected into the face, but it takes time for your body to produce collagen and elastin.

What is the downside to Biostimulatory Fillers?

Unlike Hyaluronic Acid Fillers, Biostimulatory Fillers are not dissolvable.  Make sure you go to a trained medical professional to perform this procedure.

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