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Procedure Time

45 minutes

Recovery Time

2-4 days

Number of treatments recommended

4 or more, depending on skin concerns


Topical numbing cream

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Automated micro-needling treatments are performed to improve the appearance of fine lines, skin’s texture, tone, and color, stretch marks, and acne scars.  Hyperpigmentation can also be treated with micro-needling.  At Miami Beach Laser and Aesthetics, we use the Eclipse MicroPen® cordless micro-needling device.  The Eclipse MicroPen® can be used on the face, neck, décolleté, arms, hands, legs, abdomen, and back.  It is safe to use on most skin types.  The Eclipse MicroPen® is designed to provide a high level of safety for the patient.  Immediately post-treatment, your skin will be glowing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Micro-Needling?

Micro-needling is a new innovation in aesthetic medicine for the treatment of the appearance of fine lines, acne scars, and the improvement of the skin’s texture, tone, and color. During this procedure, the Eclipse Micropen is used to create controlled micro-injuries to the skin in order to aid in the production of collagen and elastin.

Does Micro-Needling hurt?

There is some discomfort associated with Micro-Needling, but your provider will use a topical anesthetic to help minimize the discomfort.

Is Micro-Needling safe?

Yes. Micro-Needling is a safe, effective procedure to treat fine lines, acne scars, and skin texture.

How much does Micro-Needling cost?

Cost varies based on area being treated. Please consult with your provider during consultation for list of pricing.

Does Micro-Needling tighten skin?

Yes. The procedure stimulates collagen and elastin by creating micro-injuries in the skin. The skin’s repair process results in a thicker epidermis with a softer appearance of wrinkles and tighter skin.

What is Micro-Needling good for?

Micro-needling treatments are performed to improve the appearance of fine lines, skin’s texture, tone, and color, stretch marks, and acne scars. Hyperpigmentation can also be treated with micro-needling.

Can I wear makeup after Micro-Needling?

No. We ask that you do not apply makeup for at least 12 hours post-procedure to allow the absorption of hyaluronic acid serum and growth factors into the micro-channels in the skin created with micro-needling.

What is the downtime for Micro-Needling?

Immediately after the treatment, you will notice a bright redness to the skin.The total healing time depends on the Eclipse MicroPen® setting used and the number of overlapping passes your medical practitioner performs. On average, patients are red up to 2 to 4 days. Many patients heal completely in as little as 24 hours.

Does your face peel after Micro-Needling?

There may be some mild peeling after a micro-needling treatment.

How long do Micro-Needling results last?

Some patients only require a single treatment once a year to achieve optimal results. However, it is recommended for most patients to receive a series of 2-3 treatments spaced about 6-8 weeks apart. Those patients with more significant skincare concerns, such as acne scars, will require 6-8 sessions at 6-week intervals.

How long does a Micro-Needling session take?

The procedure takes 15 minutes to one hour depending on the size of the area to be treated.

How often should you Micro-Needle?

Treatments are spaced about 6-8 weeks apart.

Is it normal to breakout after Micro-Needling?

It is possible to experience acne breakouts after a micro-needling treatment.

When can I wash my face after Micro-Needling?

We ask that you wait at least 8-12 hours after your treatment before washing your face.

Can I go to the gym after Micro-Needling?

No. You should avoid strenuous activity and exercise for at least 12-24 hours post-procedure.

Before & After Pictures

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