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Frequently Asked Questions

What is laser hair removal?

Treatments use highly focused beams of light and heat to destroy hair follicles and prevent hair regeneration.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

It feels like a rubber band snapping on the skin. There is a built in cooling system on the laser which makes the treatment very comfortable. All patients tolerate the procedure very well.

How permanent is laser hair removal?

It is permanent hair reduction, not permanent hair removal.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

Cost will vary based on area to be treated. More surface area, such as full legs, will be more costly than an upper lip treatment.

How many sessions of laser hair removal do you need?

Typically, 6-8 sessions, spaced 8 weeks apart is recommended.

Should I shave before laser hair removal?

Yes, you will shave the area to be treated the day before your  treatment. You do not wax, thread, pluck, or use depilatory creams in the area to be treated throughout your sessions.

What should I expect after my first laser hair removal session?

You may notice slight reddening and local swelling of the area treated, similar to sunburn. These side effects typically fade after a few hours. You will also experience hair shedding for up to two weeks after treatment.

Can you wear make up after laser hair removal?

If the face is treated, sunblock is applied to the skin first and then makeup may be applied if necessary.

Can I use moisturize after laser hair removal?

Yes, moisturizer may be used after the procedure.

What shouldn’t you do before laser hair removal?

You should not wax, thread, pluck the hair, or use depilatory creams for 6 weeks prior to starting laser hair removal and throughout your full series of treatments.

Miami & Miami Beach Laser Hair Removal

For many of us, unwanted hair can be a time consuming inconvenience.  However, you can permanently reduce most unwanted hair with laser hair removal.  Are you having trouble deciding where to get your done laser hair removal in Miami? Well, look no further, Miami Beach Laser and Aesthetics is located at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, FL.  We offer expert service and a boutique experience that’s second to none!

Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

Are you tired of waxing, shaving or painful treatments like electrolysis?  Well laser hair removal might be the perfect procedure for you!  In addition to permanent hair reduction here are some other benefits:

  • Precision – we’re able to target just about any area on the body with pinpoint accuracy.  
  • Efficiency – smaller areas such as above or below the lip can be completed in a matter minutes while larger areas take a few minutes longer
  • Minimal Side Effects – say good-bye to ingrown hairs and razor bumps
  • Cost Effective – although there is an upfront cost, you’ll be saving a lot of money in the long term on razor blades and waxing supplies

How The Technology Works

The Excel HR™ laser hair removal system provides advanced premium hair removal solutions for every skin type. The excel HR™ combines the gold standard laser wavelengths for hair removal. Combining a new high-power 755 nm Alexandrite laser, and Cutera’s proven long-pulse 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser, coupled with the superiority of sapphire contact cooling, excel HR redefines modern laser hair removal.

The 755 nm Alexandrite laser is highly absorbed by melanin making it an ideal solution for finer hair on skin types I-III.  By targeting the melanin pigment, the laser eliminates hair but leaves the surrounding skin unharmed.

The 1064 nm Nd:YAG is the safest wavelength for permanent hair reduction on darker skin types and tanned skin. Its unique design, longer wavelength, and innovative cooling design allow effective, safe and permanent results.  It works by targeting water molecules and heats up the tissue around hair follicles and removes it.

Commonly Treated Areas

The most commonly treated areas for women include: the legs, bikini, underarms, upper lip, and stomach.  For men, the most commonly treated areas are: facial hair, ears, shoulders, back, and chest.

Small Areas

  • Abdominal Line
  • Upper Lip
  • Lower Lip
  • Chin
  • Hands
  • Fingers
  • Ears
  • Feet
  • Toes
  • Nose
  • Glabella
  • Eyebrows
  • Perianal
  • Sideburns
  • Jawline
  • Forehead

Medium Areas

  • Knees
  • Underarms
  • Neck Front/Back
  • Bikini

Large Areas

  • Brazilian
  • Full Face
  • Abdomen
  • Chest/Breast
  • Buttocks
  • Scalp
  • Shoulders
  • Upper Back
  • Lower Back
  • Upper Arms
  • Lower Arms
  • Upper Legs
  • Lower Legs

Pre-Treatment Instructions

  1. Avoid skin irritation or intentional skin tanning.  Sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher is advisable when outdoors during daylight hours.

  2. Discontinue any irritant topical agents for 2-3 days prior to any laser treatment.

  3. Arrive to Miami Beach Laser And Aesthetics with clean skin prior to treatment.  There should be NO lotion, makeup, perfume, powder, bath/shower oil present on the skin in the area to be treated.

  4. Topical anesthetic may be used for small surface area treatments, if necessary, for patient comfort.

  5. Advise Miami Beach Laser And Aesthetics if there are any dental crowns, caps, braces, or other metal dental implants.  These areas may be more sensitive to treatment and the clinician may use dental rolls, gauze, or a tongue depressor to isolate the area and make the treatment more comfortable.

Post Treatment Instructions

  1. Protect the treated area with SPF 30 or higher sunscreen and avoid intentional sun tanning for the first week following treatment.

  2. Some redness and swelling in the treatment area is expected.  You may use cold compresses to reduce these symptoms.

  3. Wash the area gently and do not use harsh and/or abrasive products in the treated area for 3 days.

  4. Do not take a hot bath or sit in a sauna and/or hot tub or expose the treated area to excess heat for 3 days.

  5. If a superficial crust or scabbing occurs, do not rub, scratch, or remove the scab.  Cleanse the area gently and pat dry.

  6. At the first sign of a blister, call Miami Beach Laser And Aesthetics at 305-610-8284.