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Did you know daily use of electronic devices (i.e. smartphone and tablets) could actually contribute to your skin aging quicker? From “tech neck” to blue light exposure, our devices are affecting us in ways we may not realize.

What is Tech Neck?

In today’s technology driven society, people are on cell phones constantly. Between responding to work emails, taking selfies, and browsing social media, we are spending more time on our phones than ever before. The constant looking down to read your phone, tablet, or computer screen, is worsening the horizontal lines in the front of the neck, or as we like to call it, “tech neck.” Once a wrinkle is formed, it is hard to erase. The good news is, it can be treated with dermal fillers and by adjusting your posture. Make sure to hold your phone or tablet straight out in front of you rather than looking down at it. This will help combat the horizontal lines from becoming so etched into the neck. If you already have lines you need treated, than dermal filler is for you. Dermal filler can be injected into the horizontal neck lines to fill and plump them. Once the healing process is done, the wrinkles will be smoothed out and softened.

Blue Light: It affects not just your eyes, but your skin as well.

Another side effect of prolonged exposure to your electronic devices is skin aging, caused by blue light exposure. Blue light is a portion of the light spectrum that is emitted from electronic devices, such as computers, tablets, flat screen TVs, and smartphones. In recent years, we have seen an increase in the amount of time people spend in front of their screens per day. Dr. Murad, founder of Murad Skincare Inc, said “spending four, eight-hour workdays in front of a computer exposes you to the same amount of energy as 20 minutes in the mid-day sun.” Blue light exposure promotes stressors in the skin that cause photo-aging, leading to worsened hyperpigmentation and melasma.

How Can You Combat Blue Light?

In order to prevent premature aging, we recommend wearing an SPF of 30 or higher every day. A blue light screen shield for your cell phone, tablet, and computer will also help protect your skin and eyes. Another option is disabling blue light on your smartphone. Apple’s IPhone has a setting called “night shift” that can be set to change the color on your screen to a yellowish light, which is easier on your eyes and will help you sleep better.

These may seem like minor modifications, and they are, but these tips will help slow the aging process!

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